Welcome Whovians!

So here she is!  Beauty Queen Tardis!

This is a quick costume we threw together for a costume dance.  We used mostly stuff around the house.  Would be better if the dress is more of a Tardis blue....But I think the look turned out good for our first attempt  :)

So here is the how to make a Tardis or Police Box Costume Dress!

For the lamp on her head..I used 2 night lights I got from dollar tree. Painted it blue, hot glued the open back ends together and put in 2 blue glow glued it all with a cone top and bottom made out of card. - Next time I would give it a better base.  This looks great in the dark!!!  

How to make the Tardis head lamp/light!

She is wearing a Tardis necklace.

Tardis necklace

The Police Box sash is made out of wide black ribbon which I found at Walmart.  I looked all over for letter stickers but ended up cutting the letters from computer paper and using a glue stick to stick them on...  The sash is held on with a St Johns Ambulance symbol that I made in to a pin with blue crepe paper fanned around it.
Police box symbol

We wrote the words Bad Wolf on her back.

I also had blue gloves for her to wear...but they were forgotten.  Probably better this way.

I did make a vortex with blue glow necklaces that wrapped around her....but it didn't look right.  So the bottom is plainer then originally planned.

And I also had the sign printed out small to put on her arm...but didn't have time to figure out how to attach it....I regret not attaching really needs to be on to complete the look....I may make it into a cuff for her wrist....

Door sign

I was considering windows for the bottom part of the skirt..but didnt get that far.

Played with camera settings trying to get a pic of the head lamp glowing!  This is Kaitie after a night of dancing.  Some letters did fall off the sash.....And all the extra glow necklaces that we didn't use for the dress, were a HUGE hit at the party...always bring glow things to a party  :)  And a banana!  And you too can be the star!

This Tardis girl was lucky enough to find her "Doctor" at the dance...(and they danced!!!  Most of the night!!!)  She was so worried that no one would know what she was  :)  She was wrong....there was actually 2 Doctors at the party!  1 male, 1 female, because Doctor Who is AWESOME!!!!

I hope you like it!  Thanks for reading  :)


Carley Lynde said...

I was searching for costume ideas because I wanted to be the TARDIS for my 30th birthday, and I came across this. Thank you so much! This is very helpful in giving me ideas for how to go about putting it all together. Your daughter looks beautiful and you did a fantastic job creating this very special outfit for her that I'm sure she'll never forget!