Owl Cake LOVE!

My daughter is having an Owl themed Birthday!  I am on hunt for inspiration for cake ideas.  She wants an ice cream cake, she hates I will have to put on my creativity hat!

Here is what I found that I love!

Love the sliced almonds!  And Dried Pineapple eyes!

OOOhh, I love the pretzel branches! 

Chocolate wings!

Cone beak.  Isn't he so cute!

I dont think I am talented enough to try a sitting up ice cream cake...but I think I have the inspiration I need now!

Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to make an ice cream cake?


Mongs said...

wow i love that, how creative! Must be a challenge to make the owl with the ice cream melting real quick. My guess is, the owl is probably done in stages, in and out of the freezer several times to prevent the ice cream from melting. Have fun! Thanks for visiting my blog anyways!