A song with significance.

Lost Together
Blue Rodeo

Our song!
I met the man I was going to marry in the summer of 1995.  He introduced me to this song, and it quickly became our song.  
We broke up a month into our relationship... wasn't the right time...
9 months after the break up, I turn on my tv to MuchMusic and this song was playing, I turn the car on and this song is playing, later that day I hear this song again!  My friend convinced me to go to his place of work...she believes in signs. We do, and he is there!  We say hi.
Late that night I realize that today is his Birthday!!!  So I call him...he is not home...And leave a message.

Been together, happily ever after, ever since.
I do believe in signs.


Misty said...

Fabulous post! love the story (i too believe in signs) and love the song!

Jenna said...

what a sweet story to go with a great song! congratulations! stopped by from the mamakat linkup!