Thrift Share Monday! Family Game Night FUN!

Happy Monday!  Check out my thrift finds from this past week!  More games for family fun!

This 1981 game - Trust Me 
Trust me is a property investment game in which your and your opponents try to make money by being good investors. Some of the properties are valuable. Some aren't worth anything at all. It's up to you to learn the value of as many properties as you can – and then invest wisely.

Picked up this Nancy Drew Mystery Party Game for Kaitie and her friends.  It is totally complete with invitations, envelopes and loot bags!  It seemed that for .99 cents this would be a steal!  
But after purchasing this I read online this comment from a mom who found this for her daughter..."800 number is now disconnected (much trickier- you do need this clue.) Game might still be playable if you are a creative type."
I guess I will have to be creative!  Does anyone know this clue?  Maybe more research will help find it!

How cute is this!  A huge ceramic Popcorn Bowl!  I have been wanting one of these!  So I was so happy to find this for just $1.99!  Just in time for Kaitie's Birthday slumber party!

A little VW Bus for Jay!  Perfect condition for $1.99!

Recycled gift wrap .49cents.  Very thick wrap perfect for crafts as well as gift wrapping!

To see more Thrifty finds go visit Apron Thrift Girl!


MasterShake13 said...

How cool!! I love finding unique thrift items...and that board game looks very interesting! Family Game Nights are a dying tradition, it's so sad! There's no better way to spend quality time with the most important people in your life…we recently started doing a monthly Neighborhood Family Game Night; the first week of every month, all the families in the neighborhood get together (we rotate houses, and the host house provides dinner!), we play team board games like Pictionary and Cranium and Twister, have game wheels with small prizes, and set up a projector to watch movies! It's a great way to get to know the families in the neighborhood, make new friends, welcome newcomers to the neighborhood, and spend a fun night with your family! :)