Thrift Share Monday! - Craft Supplies & Gifts!

It is funny how you go out looking for a certain item...And then finding it! That is what happened when I went to search for felt. .99cents for this huge bag of felt! Huge folded orange and red pieces, plus all the extras you see here!

The Felt is going to be used to make stuffed OWLS!  I also found a bag of fluff for stuffing them for .99cents!  
Also found these "Peepers" perfect for the OWL project I am making with the felt!  I love that they are oval!  I wasn't to impressed with the 1.99 price tag but I felt it all comes even out in the end.

Check out these "PEEPERS"!
GEOTRAX!  Found at the thrift store!  Boy was I lucky one to find this!  Andrew has many sets of this train set...but not this one!  Even though he is older he still loves his trains! You should see our living room when he has all his Geotraxs set up! At $5.99 this was a steal!  Keeping this set hidden away to give him for his Birthday!
Horse bookends.  Look at the detail!  I love these!  $2.99, hiding away for Kaitie's Birthday!
Have you seen Arthur and the Invisibles movie?  This book is what the movie is based on.  I loved the movie, so I am sure the book will be even better!  Get this .35cents for this book that looks brand new! Also hidden away for Kaitie's Birthday!
A find for me!  Check out these ramekins from Stokes! .25cents each!  And I needed them!  Yay!

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Kim said...

Great deal on the Geo Trax set. I think that's one of the first sets that came out..we bought that as our starter set when my daughter was 2 months old. Our stash is now I just pick up Geo stuff to resell. It sells great on ebay. Enjoy!