Meet Me on Monday!

So you want to know more about me?  Ok here you go!

1. What is your favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
If I had to eat at one it would be one of the sub shops.  But I do try to stay away from all the burger type ones.  Yuck!
2. If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?

Hmmm....  This is a tough one.  Office work?  I know high dreams  :)  But they make it look like so much fun in the sitcoms.
3. Do you prefer your toilet paper to come over the roll or under the roll?

Under.  Easier to pull off.  right?
4. What was your favorite tv show as a child?

Disney movies on Sunday night at 6.  Saturday morning cartoons.
5. What is your favorite Summer drink?

Pina Colada!  Mmmmmm! 


Java said...

You are the first one on the list to have your toilet paper under the roll!!!

Those disney movies on Sunday nights were awesome!

Yeah! I love Pina Coldas!!!

Thanks for participating!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

I'm stopping by to invite you to come check out my new and improved blog page, and hopefully follow as well! I'm starting all over again, and would love to see all of my old blogger friends following my new page, and welcome lots of new blogger friends, too!

Crazy Cat Lady

Coffee Slut said...

Hello from your newest follower ...loved reading your answers!
Have a wonderful week!