The Goonies

I love, love this movie! It is different watching it as a grown up. I was shocked at the bad language the kids were using. But other than that...I think this is the best family movie ever!  This movie is an adventure film about a group of kids that find a treasure map, and their journey to find the rich stuff. There are bad guys, and booby traps, and a real pirate ship!  Comedy for parent and kids!  If you are looking for a movie to have for a family night give Goonies a try...your kids will love it, and you will too!

One Eyed Willie's ship, The Inferno, was 105 feet long and took 2-1/2 months to construct. It was modeled after Erroll Flynn's ship in The Sea Hawk (1940). The sails required more than than 7,000 square feet of material. Some of the ship's rigging was recycled from the Pirates of the Caribbean ship at Disneyland, which was being renovated at the time. All the shots were filmed in the ship. After the film, it was offered to anyone who would take it. No one wanted it, so the ship was scrapped.   

June 7th was officially declared "Goonies Day" by the Mayor of Astoria (where the movie was filmed) during the 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2010.  It just happens that June 7th is my sons birthday, this year we are going to have a Goonies themed party!  I can't wait to start planning!

I am such a Cyndi Lauper fan!  this music video is long and in 2 parts...I LOVE IT!

The Goonies "R" Good Enough


Frenchy said...

It is a fun movie :)
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Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

We love The Goonies!! But yea, they have some bad language for such little guys! But it's a classic, for sure.

jennifer @ what would jen do said...

This is one of my most favorite movies. What's funny is when I saw it when it first came out, i didn't really notice the language, i think adults worry more about it than kids do. i just remember thinking those Goonies were so cool.

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Shelley said...

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ModernMom said...

Love this movie!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, i also love this movie it is a true classic. When people tell me they havent seen it, in my mind im thinking "you can't be serious!! Where have you been?!! I agree that there is some colorful language that i also find more offensive as an adult, as a child i really did not notice. I was dying to let my boys watch it and they noe 7 and 5 love the goonies also. Thanks for the post and the fantastic goonie party ideas!! Will definetly be doing one in the near future. Cheers! Shirley